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EVENT MANAGEMENT STREAMInternational qualifications and professional designations:

  • CERTIFIED EVENT COORDINATOR – International qualification
  • CERTIFIED EVENT MANAGER – International qualification
  • CERTIFIED EVENT DIRECTOR – International qualification


EVENT TECHNICAL STREAM – Thousands of temporary workers undertake basic jobs at exhibitions and events. To allow these workers to meet health and safety regulations, requiring them to be experienced and trained, the EXSA Academy has produced profiles for the following jobs which specifies the minimum work, training and experienced required to meet industry standards:

       JOB PROFILES have been drafted for the following and are awaiting approval:

        Event furniture hire – crew

        Event furniture hire – warehouseman

        Event furniture hire – senior crew

        Event furniture hire – senior warehouseman

        Event furniture hire – crew supervisor

        Event furniture hire – warehouse supervisor

        Event furniture hire – reservations

        Event furniture hire – reservations supervisor


  • Temporary or permanent staff who meet the requirements of these job profiles can be registered with the EXSA Academy by submitting:
    • EXSA Academy membership application form
    • Copy of workers South African ID
    • A head-and-shoulders coloured photo taken against a white wall for ID badge
    • Copy of any educational or occupational qualifications, like matric or drivers license
    • Copy of training notes supplied by employer (signed by both parties)
    • Proof of required experience: reference from previous event employer or written performance appraisal from current employer

    A membership fee of R250.00, plus VAT, is required for each application.

    Members will receive a Certificate of Membership and an Identification badge to be worn at events.

    More basic job profiles are in production, so check back often.

  • RPL – Recognition of prior learning, which means that your existing experience and ability to meet the requirements of the qualifications or job profiles are recognised, no matter how you gained the knowledge. All of these qualifications and job profiles can be gained by RPL. Regretfully, we are unable to assistant school-leavers and students.

    Permanent technical staff also need to prove experience and expertise to meet legal safety requirements.  These profiles reflect the minimum industry standard for each job and will form the fundamental competencies for SAQA-registered qualifications, to be developed. 

  • EVENT TECHNICAL COORDINATOR– job profile – provides all materials and services required for an event
  • Exhibition stand builder (system)– to be developed
  • Exhibition custom stand builder – to be developed
  • Exhibition stand designer – to be developed

These jobs will need a committee of subject matter experts, to develop their qualifications,. Meanwhile, assessors will need to be trained and qualified, so that they can assess competence against the qualification. The qualifications will need to be registered with the Services SETA and finally with SAQA.  If you would like to help us develop these qualifications, please contact:


FOR MORE INFORMATION please mail:  or phone (011) 467-6771